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Georgia Shine facilitates dance and sound with special musical guests. Together we create a living container of sound to explore in with our whole selves. We use touch, space, movement, stillness, vocalization, reflection and listening as research tools into our experience of this moment. Each session brings movement and life to our cells, connecting us to ourselves, each other, the community and ecosystem. 

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"I found the whole experience blissful - Thank you! My heart and body are still singing!" - Julie

"I learnt that I didn't have to 'do' anything!! It felt like a great relief to know that." - Samantha

"The whole experience felt so light and joyful, bringing such ease in trust that I was able to experience myself as a beautiful energy and to enjoy my strengths, physical and emotional, as never before." - David

"Georgia‘s workshops are amazing explorations of voice and movement, often supported by her sensitive improvisations on the cello. Georgia creates a safe, creative and playful atmosphere. I love every minute of it and I am looking forward to more. Thanks, Georgia." - Andrea

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