5 Elements of Empathic Communication

Return to Centre

Stay Neutral in Crisis

Lead with your Heart

Learn to respond with POWER and EFFECTIVENESS in personal and global moments of crisis.

You are invited to come and learn the 5 Elements of Empathic Communication so that you can...

De-escalate violence at it's source

Recognise and expand your personal power  

Feel the intentions in the energy of your "opponent"

Respond authentically rather than react automatically to conflict

Lead from the power that's inherent in what you value

Transform old reactions into resources for connection and healing

David and Judith Weinstock (USA) will introduce us to their powerful art of relating practices combining Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication with our body's wisdom (somatics) and martial arts principles from Aikido, to enhance our capacity to be powerful healers and communicators for the times we live in.

For more information about David and Judith's work, visit liminalsomatics.com

What are the 5 Elements?

Ground - Under-Standing and Meaning

When you walk into the unknowns of life and relationships, it is stabilizing and empowering to know the ground you stand on, what is meaningful for you. Here you will learn practices to connect more deeply to your senses, intuition and emotions that connect you to what you care about. Knowing the ground you stand on and the ground that is beneath us all brings under-standing

Water- Connection to all our Relations

Life is about relationship. At the core is relationship to our selves. Water represents the ocean of relationships in which we swim. We will explore imaginative physical and emotional practices that develop empathic listening skills to connect more fully to all your relationships. Through this work, emotional wounds can be revealed, transformed into a resource and integrated into who we now are. Working through the body is to return again and again to the energy that is being experienced and lived in the present moment. Through self-empathy practices, we will transform our habitual core strategies into generative resources for connection, contribution and collaboration.

Fire- Finding Your Voice and Walking Your Talk

When we know what we deeply care about and are connected to all that supports us we can relax, access our higher awareness, listen more clearly and speak what is true for us with greater confidence and clarity.  Learn to fully embody your yes, no and maybe with greater inclusivity and understanding. Speak your truth and walk your talk with greater clarity, power, decisiveness and compassion.

Wind - Stop taking others Personally

With practice, you can develop self-listening skills that inform you of what is too much and what is too little, what your system can handle--or not, in relationship. We’ll redefine boundaries not as something that keeps others away but as shock absorbers that inform us when to move and when not to. This element is essential for a healthy autonomy, buoyancy and adaptability in the midst of relationship. In this session we will practice effective ways for not taking what others say too personally and for regulating our interactions in ways that help us to stay centered, creative and balanced.

Space- Empathy, Curiosity and Skillful Vulnerability

Space is the music between the notes. Here we will explore space as a resource to aid in becoming more powerfully vulnerable in a way that leaves us open to the subtle messages within relationships while increasing safety and connection. Space is the medium in which empathic connection happens. Connecting to the deeper sources of our strategies, we will explore practices to increase our capacity for inclusivity, improve our ability to re-center ourselves quickly, and develop our sense of timing.


What have people said about this work?

“These are seeds planted in my body that I believe will keep sprouting. It’s the practice of feeling NVC distinctions in the body–that’s where the integration occurs! ”                                                                                                                      

~Kirsten Elfandahl, Executive Director of Freedom Project

“Somatic Consensus collaborative, experiential teachings encourage subtle reflection on core behavioral patterns, and more skillful expressions of centered, compassionate ways of being in the world. It is a gift to all those fortunate enough to experience it.”

~Karen Sella, Lumina Coaching

"Of the many gifts I received through our aikido and embodied NVC instruction and practice over the last few days and this stands out in neon:  a somatic experience of “walking” my intention (and being walked by another), and my first authentic understanding of “empathy” in the most fundamental sense. Three directly experienced glimpses into the possible."


~ Kelly Bannister

“I felt vulnerable and safe which is wonderful. I’ve discovered so much about myself.”


~Brian Hopper, Psychologist

“I want to tell you that hardly a day goes by when I don’t put my feet squarely on the ground and center myself in the ways you taught us, it has been a great help to me. This is important work”                                                                                                             

~Marcus Lang, Priest

 “This work cultivates a deep awareness of embodied habits and exciting new skills to help you return to center, stay neutral in crisis, and lead with your heart.”                                                                                                                                                      

~Jane Falkner, Psychotherapist

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