Creative Pathways

Are you wanting to reinvigorate creativity in your life but feel that the pathway is blocked?

These 1:1 Creative Pathway Sessions guide you into your own creative centre. From there you can unlock freedom of choice, access your innate readiness and adaptability to change and follow the curious threads of what is alive in you.  

The sessions are online using Zoom (live sessions available in Tasmania). All you will need is a private space, paper and pen, and willingness to move into the unknown to discover what wisdom awaits you.

Depending on the need, we may explore vocal work, movement, speaking, visualising and responding to sounds of live cello and voice. These are all simply tools that are available for us to work with and everything is optional and designed to suit your unique situation and desires.

All are welcome, no previous artistic experience necessary.

These sessions are for you if you:

- want to live your life authentically, creatively and constructively

- feel limited in your expression or 'creatively blocked'

- would like a creative, expressive way of approaching a life problem

- want to enliven and integrate your artist-self to be more centre-stage in life

- tell yourself (and others) that you're not an artist/singer/dancer/musician/writer etc, but would secretly like to be

- are needing inspiration and fuel for your creative fire

- would like a supportive mentor to help you in your art/life integration.

Duration: 1 hour

Investment: $100


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