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A combination of restorative yoga poses, massage and a live cello soundbath. This luxurious offering is intended to create space for you to drop deeper into the cellular awareness of your listening body.


Restorative yoga postures are offered with the use of props such as blankets and bolsters to create shapes with your body that can be held with ease for long periods of time. This soft support invites you to completely let go of all effort required to hold a shape, and allows for deep opening, release and relaxation.


Once the bodymind becomes soft and quiet, we become receptive enough to cultivate deep cellular listening. The resonant body of the cello will move you into a state of heart-presence. Here you can allow the outer soundscape to illuminate your inner landscape with pleasure and curiosity. Optional guiding touch will be offered to support your full release.


Attuning our awareness to the vibratory nature of our bodily instruments creates a state of flow that streams back into our daily lives. Yum.


Letting go.

Letting in.

Letting be.


90 minutes

$45 full

$35 concession


North Yoga, Albert St Brunswick 


Cello/Sound - Georgia Shine

Yoga - Kitty Lakshmi

Massage - Eve White

Sessions currently on hold until further notice.


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